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Persistently identified!

Are you really who you think you are? How can you be sure? Fortunately the National Library of Australia offers a authoritative antidote to our identity crises through its People Australia service. Persistent identifiers are readily available for many thousands of Australians.

But how do you use them? Our Identity Browser delivers persistent identifiers when you need them and how you need them. Employing powerful bookmarklet technology, the Identity Browser will take a highlighted name, search People Australia, and supply you with ready-made RDFa code to insert into your web page. Or, if you prefer, you can cut and paste a freshly-minted machine tag.


The new API-powered future

The long-awaited Application Programming Interface (API) to Trove is now available. Huzzah! The frustrations of broken screen-scrapers will soon be a thing of the past.

But this glorious new future will not come without cost. WraggeLabs will henceforth be embarking on a process of code consolidation and renewal as we overhaul all our Trove products to take advantage of this machine-readable goodness.

The first fruits of this process can be enjoyed in the new fully-web-driven version of QueryPic. Instant graphs! No downloads!

More such wonders are to come, but bear with us dear client, as it make take some weeks or months to fully update our wares. In the meantime, it is unlikely that any development of pre-API versions will be undertaken.

We should also announce the imminent retirement of our Unofficial API. It has served us well, but it’s time has now come. Farewell, old friend.


More Trove scraper drama

Once again a minor change to the Trove newspapers code (from <i> and <b> to <em> and <strong>) broke my scraper and the tools that depend on it. Fortunately @erochest was quickly on the job and has submitted a fix. If you’re having problems, please update from the repository.

I will update the unofficial API shortly.


Trove Tools calamity

I am sad to report that due to a minor change in the Trove website (a <strong> tag was changed a <h1>!) most of my Trove tools are experiencing difficulties.

The good news is that the fix required is small and I’ve updated the scraper that powers most of the tools.

If you’re using the command line version of the Query Harvester you can download the latest code and be on your way. The Search Summariser wasn’t affected, but there’s a new version available for your perusal including some extra features (these will be documented anon).

The Zotero translator for the newspapers database has been updated and submitted to the Zotero repository. Once it has been approved the translator will be upgraded automatically.

I believe that the Unofficial Trove API is unaffected. If you believe otherwise, please let me know.

And now the bad news…

The Query Harvester GUI will need to be rebuilt. I will try and do this as soon as possible, but I can’t make any promises. Bribery and flattery might help.

My apologies for any discomfort or anxiety. I always say that screen scrapers are inherently fragile. It’s part of the game. But it’s still extremely annoying when something like this happens. :(

Let’s just look forward to an official Trove API which should ease our pain considerably.


Recordsearch user scripts — now working in Chrome!

Until now it had escaped our notice that the fine folks at Google had finally upgraded their support of user scripts to allow cross-domain access.

What this means for you, valued customer, is that the Digitised file viewer and Show page totals scripts for Recordsearch will now work in the Chrome web browser.

Not only will they work, but they will work without the need for any additional software. Just go to the script pages and click on the ‘Install’ button. Such wonders!


Sneak preview – Trove Newspaper Harvester for Windows

Marvel at the wonders of our GUI!

The WraggeLabs foundry has been working long and late to fashion custom-tailored, gui-enabled binaries of our Trove Newspaper Harvester.

We are still testing and tinkering, but could wait no longer to share our excitement with our loyal followers.

Those of the Windows persuasion can now download a beta version. Please poke, prod and put through its paces.

No more grappling with Python or submitting to the tyranny of the command line. WraggeLabs is fighting hard for your right to double-click.


ADB Zotero translator — broken!

Eek! It seems some urls have changed over at the ADB Online and our Zotero translator is broken. The fix is simple and I’ll submit it as soon as possible. More details soon…


RecordSearch show pages — fixed!

Sorry for the delay, but this userscript has now been updated to work with the new version of RecordSearch. Huzzah!

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