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You send off your query to RecordSearch and are returned a list of results. You’re pleased to see the little file icon pop up, telling you that some of the files you’re interested in are digitised. But what’s lurking behind that icon? Is it a single page, or a juicy, fat file of 400 pages or more? Up until now you’ve had to click on every one of the file links to find out — but no more!

This handy-dandy userscript does the clicking for you, checking how many pages are in each digitised file and inserting the total into the results list. Now you can see at a glance where those fat files are hiding.

As an added bonus, the script will also rewrite the links to stop files opening in a new window!

Available now for both Firefox and Chrome.


Recordsearch user scripts — now working in Chrome!

Until now it had escaped our notice that the fine folks at Google had finally upgraded their support of user scripts to allow cross-domain access.

What this means for you, valued customer, is that the Digitised file viewer and Show page totals scripts for Recordsearch will now work in the Chrome web browser.

Not only will they work, but they will work without the need for any additional software. Just go to the script pages and click on the ‘Install’ button. Such wonders!


RecordSearch show pages — fixed!

Sorry for the delay, but this userscript has now been updated to work with the new version of RecordSearch. Huzzah!

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