Digitised file viewer

A fresh look for files!

For that fully-modern digitised file viewing experience, you might like to investigate our new Archives Viewer. This is the future.

You can view digitised files in RecordSearch, but the display is a little… basic. Liven up your file browsing experience with this new-fangled userscript. As well as freshening up the look of things, our clever reverse-engineering technologies add a number of new functions.

Sick of printing out a file page by page? Frustrated by a stack of print-outs that don’t include item metadata? Help is at hand. With this userscript you can print out a whole file or a range of pages with a single click (or two). But wait, each page includes a proper item citation — no more ‘umm where did this come from?’ moments.

Be amazed at the 3D wall!

Ever wanted to view a digitised file on a 3D wall? No? Well you will, once you try out our CoolIris integration. View archives as you’ve never seen them before.

Available now for both Firefox and Chrome.


Recordsearch user scripts — now working in Chrome!

Until now it had escaped our notice that the fine folks at Google had finally upgraded their support of user scripts to allow cross-domain access.

What this means for you, valued customer, is that the Digitised file viewer and Show page totals scripts for Recordsearch will now work in the Chrome web browser.

Not only will they work, but they will work without the need for any additional software. Just go to the script pages and click on the ‘Install’ button. Such wonders!

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