Trove Tools calamity

I am sad to report that due to a minor change in the Trove website (a <strong> tag was changed a <h1>!) most of my Trove tools are experiencing difficulties.

The good news is that the fix required is small and I’ve updated the scraper that powers most of the tools.

If you’re using the command line version of the Query Harvester you can download the latest code and be on your way. The Search Summariser wasn’t affected, but there’s a new version available for your perusal including some extra features (these will be documented anon).

The Zotero translator for the newspapers database has been updated and submitted to the Zotero repository. Once it has been approved the translator will be upgraded automatically.

I believe that the Unofficial Trove API is unaffected. If you believe otherwise, please let me know.

And now the bad news…

The Query Harvester GUI will need to be rebuilt. I will try and do this as soon as possible, but I can’t make any promises. Bribery and flattery might help.

My apologies for any discomfort or anxiety. I always say that screen scrapers are inherently fragile. It’s part of the game. But it’s still extremely annoying when something like this happens. :(

Let’s just look forward to an official Trove API which should ease our pain considerably.